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PALCO is redefining the Reverse Logistics industry with innovative solutions and cutting-edge capabilities. PALCO’s professionals specialize in transforming the increasing complex Reverse Logistics processes into a competitive advantage for our clients. Our service processes are globally consistent, yet adaptive and agile to meet the demands of today’s market. PALCO is not a manufacturer offering a reverse logistics solution. Our team of professionals encompasses industry leading expertise focused entirely on creating innovative reverse logistics solutions for our customers that improve their bottom-line by utilizing our signature approach:

PALCO’s suite of services includes:

  • Reverse Logistics - PALCO’s Reverse Logistics professionals transform our customer’s increasingly costly and complex returns management process into a competitive advantage.
  • Repair/Rework - PALCO’s repair expertise is anchored by 25+ years of servicing leading-edge technology. Working with state-of-the-art tools in a quality-conscious environment, our experts thoroughly and accurately test, diagnose, and repair to OEM specifications.
  • Remanufacture - PALCO’s remanufacturing/refurbishment expertise includes hardware repair, hardware engineering changes, firmware updates, software upgrades, cosmetic reconditioning / replacement, functional testing, and product recertification.
  • Reconfiguration – Product configuration and reconfiguration on demand maximizes efficient lean supply of (re)configure-to-order product to expeditiously meet customer demand delivering reductions in inventory and distribution costs.
  • Recycle / Reclamation – Utilizing PALCO’s product refurbishment, disassembly, and part reuse, assist our customers in managing product lifecycle, generate new revenue streams, and support a commitment to the environment. When coupled with PALCO’s suite of Reverse Logistics services, our customers are able to greatly diminish the amount of excess and obsolete materials.
  • Related Services
    • Integration - PALCO provides electronic assembly service, with more than two decades of experience supporting leading edge technology. Learn more about Integration.
    • Failure Analysis - PALCO’s Failure Analysis Labs are state-of-the-art. Our experts thoroughly and accurately perform root-cause failure analysis. Learn more about Failure Analysis.
    • Logistics - PALCO logistics operations encapsulates all facets of operations associated with inventory management. Learn more about Logistics.

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