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PALCO’s Reverse Logistics professionals can transform an increasingly costly and complex returns management process into a competitive advantage. PALCO is an analytics-driven company mining transactional data coupled with best-in-class technical capabilities, expertise, and techniques to improve efficiency and process velocity. Reverse Logistics is a very complex and specialized component of the supply chain and it involves handling a maze of disposition channels and only one which provides the highest value for the return. Our service processes are globally consistent, yet adaptive and agile to meet the demands of today’s market. Our team of professionals encompasses industry leading expertise focused entirely on creating innovative reverse logistics solutions for our customers that improve their bottom-line by utilizing our signature approach.

  • Optimize businesses by prioritizing challenges through support models to realize operational objectives
  • Achieve long-term business goals while reducing risks and lowering total overall costs.
  • Facilitate the implementation of solutions synchronized to their business objectives and timelines.
  • Map, support, and recommend optimized methodologies to our customers.

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