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PALCO is recognized as one the most technically advanced in circuit board rework, repair, and ECO implementation in the industry. Anchored by more than 25+ years of supporting leading edge technology, we also offer a full array of rework, repair, and engineering change implementation services based on your requirements. PALCO’s expertise offers a world class variable cost resource to our customers.

Base Board Repair and Rework

We offer surface mount and BGA pad repair, laminate repairs, inner layer modification, and many other board repair services:

  • Delamination Repair
  • Pad Repair
  • Blister Repair
  • Hole Repair, Epoxy
  • Hole Repair, Transplant
  • Base Material Repair, Epoxy
  • Base Material Repair, Area Transplant

BGA Rework

We install and exchange BGA components using an SRT/Summit 1100 Rework System, providing precision alignment and the ability to install the full array of component packages, including Micro BGA. All components are X-Ray inspected using a Nicolet Imaging System. An image of the finished solder joint is included with all BGA component rework.

  • BGA Removal and Replacement
  • BGA Component Rework, Profile Development
  • BGA Pad Repair
  • BGA Site Solder Mask

X-Ray Inspection

We provide 2D and 3D x-ray inspection using a Nicolet Imaging System from the leading manufacturer of X-Ray inspection systems. We provide verification of solder joint quality, component, and assembly failure analysis, repair verification, and Statistical Process Control (SPC) data for monitoring and optimizing the manufacturing process. We customize our services to meet or exceed the parameters of our customers.

  • Circuitry and Plated Hole Repair
  • Lifted Conductor Repair
  • Conductor Repair, Foil jumper
  • Conductor Repair, Surface Wire
  • Conductor Repair, Inner Layer
  • Lifted Land Repair
  • Plated Hole Repair, No Inner Layer Connection
  • Plated Hole Repair, Inner Layer Connection

Coating and Marking Rework

We can remove or add coatings and solder mask as required.

  • Coating Replacement, Solder Mask
  • Coating Removal

SMT and Through Hole Component Rework

Removal and replacement of components is one of the most common rework processes on today’s integrated packages and board designs. This can present an array of difficult rework challenges. However, our experts, with years of experience and state-of-the-art equipment, routinely perform medium- to high-complexity rework. Our technicians represent the best in the business.

  • Removal and Replacement, Through Hole Components
  • Removal and Replacement, SIP/DIP Through Hole Components
  • Removal and Replacement, Surface Mount Chip Components
  • Removal and Replacement, Press Fit Connectors

Printed Circuit Board Modification

Our professional staff of technicians are experts at a wide range of component rework, adding jumper wires, cutting internal circuits, and other intricate operations that require pinpoint accuracy and close tolerances.

  • Jumper Wires
  • Jumper Wires, BGA Components
  • Jumper Wires, BGA Components, Through Board
  • Circuit Cut, Surface
  • Circuit Cut, Inner Layer

Circuit Board Pad Repair

PALCO uses adhesive backed pads that are thermally bonded to the board surface to affect BGA pad repair.

  • Surface Mount Pad Repair, Film Adhesive
  • Surface Mount, BGA Pad Repair, Film Adhesive

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