R2 Certification Renewal

R2 Certification Renewal

R2 Certification Renewal 150 150 Andrew Dixon

PALCO is proud to announce that we have renewed our R2 certification with Seri.

R2 is an electronics industry standard that we uphold for our testing and repair operations. R2 places an emphasis on the circular economy and sustainability, which involves creating and maintaining the best practices and processes for responsible reuse and recycling of e-waste and other materials that can be reclaimed. Sustainability is a large part of our business and the reverse logistics industry as whole. The need to refurbish, reuse, and/or recycle electronic goods as become necessary to keep millions of pounds of e-waste out of our landfills. The R2 Standard helps us uphold these values, become a greener company, and maintain a safe working environment.  

Continuing to build upon a history of integrity and trust in the recycling industry, PALCO’s management system has achieved R2v3 – the latest upgrade in standards set for the electronics industry by Sustainable Electronics Recycling International (SERI). PALCO is committed to continuous improvement through the monitoring of objectives and rigorous evaluation of our management system which guides our end-of-life recycling programs that help preserve the environment. 

 Global concerns about the environment, as well data security threats, highlight the importance of handling used electronics and other e-waste properly and responsibly. R2v3 addresses this through enhanced documentation, data security controls, material flow management and heightened reuse objectives and operations. These new standards are key differentiators for PALCO. 

PALCO has embraced R2 standards and principles, and this latest upgrade demonstrates PALCO’s commitment to best practices in the recycling industry.   

Janice Migliore, CEO, said “We are pleased to have received our certification to the new R2v3 standard and thank the entire PALCO team who helped make this happen. Our company was started over 35 years ago on the principles of reuse and reducing waste, this latest upgrade demonstrates our continued commitment to these principles.”